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Pelican Pete

GeoBird Pelican Pete is a stunning GeoBird designed and brought to life with oil paints on a large canvas. This captivating piece showcases a creative depiction of a pelican, meticulously painted with a playful color palette that sets him apart and makes him a captivating addition to any wall. The background boasts a deep dark navy color, adding richness and depth to the overall composition.


About Pelican Pete

Pete the Pelican embodies the serene beauty of nature and represents freedom and tranquility in the coastal ecosystem. Pete is known for his playful behavior, which includes diving into the water from great heights and engaging in aerial acrobatics. Pete is protective of his young and often forms strong bonds with his family and flock members. 


Overall, Pete the Pelican is a remarkable bird with a combination of striking physical features, intelligence, and social behaviors that make him a captivating and beloved character in nature.

Pelican Pete

  • Prints
    Fine art prints are reprinted through a print house and shipped directly to you. Printed with archival grade pigments on natural heavyweight textured cotton paper with no optical brighteners to ensure long-term archival stability. All prints include a 3/4" white border. Prints on Pelican, boast a deeper bluish color vs the typical Jasper green on other GeoBirds.

    Canvas Prints
    High-quality matte canvas using UltraChrome archival pigments for long-term stability. A UV water-based varnish is applied to protect the surface from UV ray damage and cracking. Size is printed on 1.25inch stretched canvas.  Our canvas prints include ready to hang wire on back, and felt pads for wall protection.

    Wood Prints
    Custom Wood Prints printed on 12mm thick quality wood. Each Wood Print Wrap is finished with a protective laminate. All wood prints are equipped with standard hooks, which means that you can hang the picture without any hassle. In addition, the image will not lie flat against the wall; instead, it will be mounted almost half an inch away from the wall, depending on how your nails are in the wall that will give it a floating effect.

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