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GeoBird Nilla

Nillas Story


Nilla, the Black-faced Laughingthrush, is a fascinating and charming bird character with a range of unique characteristics. Sociable and gregarious, she is highly sociable and lives in tight-knit, boisterous flocks. With their playful demeanor, lively calls, and strong social bonds, birds like Nilla symbolize joy, camaraderie, and the beauty of nature's interconnectedness.

Nilla, named because her feathers reminded us of Nilla Wafers, with her distinct appearance, cheerful calls, sociable nature, and cooperative behaviors, brings an air of liveliness and wonder to the world of birds and nature.


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GeoBird Nilla

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    Fine art prints are reprinted through a print house and shipped directly to you. Printed with archival grade pigments on natural heavyweight textured cotton paper with no optical brighteners to ensure long-term archival stability. All prints include a 3/4" white border.


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