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GeoBird Cady Cardinal

GeoBird Cady (pronounced Kaydee) the Cardinal was designed and painted with oil on a large 30x40 inch canvas, featuring a two-inch rise for added depth and dimension. The branches are painted over the sides, giving it a polished look. This graphic artwork is perfect for bringing a contemporary touch to any room. Its vibrant colors and intricate design will instantly catch the eye and spark curiosity among viewers. The background boasts a deep Jasper green, adding richness and depth to the overall composition.


About GeoBird Cady Cardinal


Cady the Cardinal is a charming and distinctive bird character with a range of endearing characteristics: Cady is renowned for her beautiful and melodious song, which fills the air with sweet, clear notes, often heard during the early morning and evening. Cady is also a symbol of love and devotion: In many cultures, cardinals are seen as symbols of love and devotion, making Cady a cherished and sentimental character.


Cady can be seen protecting her family often, as she has a strong territorial instinct and will sing and display vibrant plumage to defend it from intruders.


In summary, Cady the Cardinal's striking appearance, beautiful song, sociable nature, nurturing instincts, and symbolic significance make her a beloved and cherished bird character in the world of nature and storytelling.


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GeoBird Cady Cardinal

  • • Size 30x40 on a 2 inch canvas.
    • Year, title and signature on back of canvas
    • For local orders in Portland, Oregon, custom pick-up is available
    • For International shipping, please contact us directly
    • Due to screen displays, colors may differ. For more images or questions please contact us.
    • Framing is not included. 

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