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Coastal Bloom in Harmony

There is something magical about flowers growing from the coastal rocks in the Pacific Northwest. Some days are so gloomy that when flowers bloom near the sea, the colors, light and harmony take your breath away. The contrast is breathtaking.

There is a special place in the San Juan islands that I love to go each year, and this compilation of flowers near the sea in abstract interpretation, is derived from that place. When I look at this finished piece it brings me so much joy, my heart opens and my soul rests. The colors are calming but also excite and energize me. It makes you look at it, what is it, where is it.... the mind fills in the gaps and stimulates your mind as a very interesting showcase piece.


I painted this for many months on and off, it was on the floor, the wall, rolled up, painted over and stared at. With only a few more weeks to dry, this piece can be yours and create a similar experience for you when viewing it.

Because this piece has to be framed out on a canvas frame, we are taking a pre-order. The measurements are 32x48 pre-stretched. It is oil painting, on canvas fabric, and will be stretched on bars after it dries, creating a beautiful canvas piece to hang on your wall. 




• Wiring on back to hang

• Signed by artist

• Certificate of authenticity included

• PAIL ART stamp on back

• One of a kind artwork

• Local pick-up in Portland

• Shipping $125 in the USA



Coastal Bloom in Harmony


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