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Aurora Verdigris The Green Heron

In the heart of an ancient forest, where sunlight filtered through the dense canopy, there lived a mystical green heron named Aurora Verdigris. With feathers shimmering like emerald leaves kissed by the dawn, she was a sight to behold. Aurora was not just an ordinary bird; she was a guardian of the woods, entrusted with the task of preserving its secrets and protecting its inhabitants.  A mystical addition of artwork to your home will create interest and intrigue.

This painting was created in early 2024 with oil paint on canvas paper.


• Shipping is Free

• Piece is signed, stamped, and dated on the back

• Certificate of Authenticity included

• 18x24 inches 

• Medium: Oil on Canvas Paper

• Suggested frame to purchase would be 24x30 frame with mat



Prints are offered in the size of 16x20 and are easily framed into a 20x24 frame with mat. Prints are created with high quality archival paper with a slight texture.

Aurora Verdigris The Green Heron


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