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Zephyr: Great Blue Heron

Zephyr, the great blue heron, stands tall and majestic against the soft hues of dawn. With a wingspan that commands respect and a stature that exudes confidence, Zephyr is a sight to behold. Their feathers are a stunning blend of slate blue and gray, intricately patterned to provide camouflage in the marshlands where they reign supreme.

This painting was created in the early Spring of 2024, using oil on canvas paper. Prints of this are produced on high quality archival paper with a slight texture. The quality is high and the print is easy to frame in an 20x24 frame with a mat easily found online.


• Shipping is free

• Piece is signed, stamped, and dated on the back

• Certificate of Authenticity included

• Only one original!

• 16x20 inches

• Medium: Oil on canvas paper 

• Frame to order would be 20x24 frame with mat



Reprints are offered in the size of 16x20 and are easily framed into a 20x24 frame with mat. Prints are created on high quality archival paper with a slight texture.



Zephyr: Great Blue Heron


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