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Welcome to Pail Art, where we curate a distinctive collection of stunning oil paintings that draw inspiration from birds and nature.



Embracing Creativity &
Rediscovering Passion


Jessica Bernert, known for her creativity since childhood, initially aimed for architecture but found her path turn to Graphic Design. At 21, a vivid vision of painting in a garden sparked a deep desire. Despite skepticism of being a fine artist, she pursued her dream. Now, after years of success in branding, she paints daily in her garden studio.

Jessica's journey embodies resilience and the pursuit of artistic fulfillment, inviting others to witness the beauty of passion meeting skill on her canvases. She follows her souls passion because, it makes her the happiest and she hopes to share this with you by having passionate artwork in your home.

Discovering original art goes beyond just the artwork itself; it's a tangible embodiment of the artist's passion, captured in every color choice, brushstroke, and burst of energy, culminating in a individual works of art.

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