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Toucan Tim 30x40

Geo Bird Toucan Tim was designed and painted with oil on a large canvas measuring 30x40 inches. His colorful and blended palette makes him unique and appealing for any wall. This graphic designed artwork will modernize any room and create interest with all who view it. The background color is a deep Jasper green and the edges are painted with the edge of the branches, to give a very clean gallery feeling. The Toucan artwork is painted with a gloss varnish so it pops off the matte canvas. This piece comes un-framed.


About Toucan Tim
Geobird Toucan Tim is the symbol of tropical beauty: with his vibrant colors and exotic appearance, Toucan Tim embodies the beauty and wonder of tropical rainforests, becoming a symbol of the diverse and rich biodiversity found in these ecosystems.


Toucan Tim is naturally curious, and he will often investigate new things or objects in his environment. Toucan Tim is an energetic and playful bird, often seen hopping, jumping, and engaging in acrobatics among the branches of trees. You might find him being quite vocal and uses a series of croaks, squawks, and calls to communicate with his fellow toucans and other birds in the forest.


GeoBird Toucan Tim was created on a large canvas using oil paint. The reprints of this birds are a stylistic statement for any room and will delight all of his viewers by keeping his "eye" on things.

Toucan Tim 30x40

  • • 30x40 inches on a 2 inch stretched canvas
    • Year, title and signature on back of canvas
    • For local orders in Portland, Oregon, custom pick-up is available
    • For International shipping, please contact us directly
    • Due to screen displays, colors may differ. For more images or questions please contact us.
    • Framing is not included. We suggest a floating frame and can recommend by request.

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