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Jungle Fever

I've been wanting to paint more tropical scenes since my year long residency in Kauai. I was so inspired by my daily walks into the jungle, my soul would relax as soon as I got to the tree canopy near the end of the residential and country road and into the jungle. The sounds would get loud, yet it was quiet from the world. Each time I would get to that spot, my energy would drop down and I would take a big deep breathe. It was magical. It was up-lifting. There is something about this magical world with all of it's natural life moving along without anyone, that feels powerful and yet comforting.

With my love of birds, vintage florals, and tropical leaves, this one is being created as I go, which is a bit different than I usually approach a big canvas. Measuring 48x36 inches, this one is a real shoulder cruncher. Which means, my arm needs breaks and the layers that need to dry give my shoulder a break and allow for the paint to dry in between sessions. I have the studio pretty warm so it will dry quicker and the overhead fan is on as well. When it gets a bit too oily I ventilate it with the air-conditioner system to pull out the fumes.

I have a habit of listening to period pieces on Netflix when I paint. Something about the elegance of their language, the formal nature, really helps me with these types of paintings. The add an elegance to my brush strokes and I absorb the fancy French royalty language from a pastime.

This might be the most exciting painting I've worked on in awhile, as though I've been waiting for this style to emerge within me. I enjoy the anticipation of feeling for how this one will be in it's final stages.


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