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The Evolution of Bird Artistry

In 2020, Jessica Bernert purchased a set of oil paints after a few years of dabbling with acrylics. She was sold, she loved the luminosity and richness of oil paint, and despite learning this new application, she decided to train herself on painting small birds. She said, "One year of birds" and she did. She trained herself on this new medium through many frustrations, YouTube videos and tips online to help her learn. She took a few painting classes for oil medium and learned through trial and error how to use this paint.

On year two, she started painting bigger. Still learning about birds themselves, she thought, why don't I break it up geometrically and understand the shapes and hues of these beautiful creatures.

One day, a 30x40 canvas came home with her from the art store and she quickly designed GeoBird Broadbill (this painting has sold, shown below). It was a big hit, and she painted 5 more large birds creating the Jasper series.

The house and studio was getting painted and although Jasper green wasn't chosen for the house color, it made a beautiful backdrop color for these birds. If you like this color it's Sherwinn Williams Jasper Green and it is gorgeous.

After a year in Kauai and a break from GeoBirds after painting her heart out on them, she started up again with a new layout, approach and inspired by new colors from her time on the island. GeoBirds Sunray Series was born in the summer of 2023 and display a unique design aesthetic that bridges her design skills, use of color and form creating 5 more GeoBirds.

The first GeoBird, Broadbill


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